PMC Lighting ArcX

This video will give you a visual overview of PMC ArcX collection and options. Linear lighting has been a mainstay in the design community for over a decade with very little improvements. The options have been recessed or pendant, uplight or downlight. Aside from LED technology advancements, these have really been the only options to consider. ArcX Collection gives designers a whole new realm of possibilities with fixtures limited only by the imagination. Create movement and a sense of curiosity with curved, free-form luminaries that defy the norm. Flow through hallways, circumvent lobbies, or soar over offices. ArcX gives lighting design space to roam without limits. While the ArcX Collection is beautiful, it is also highly functional. Multiple lumen packages and color temperature options make ArcX more than just a pretty face. Made in the USA, all pieces from the ArcX Collection are available in uplight or downlight, and come standard with dimmable LED drivers.

Completion Time: N/A
CEUs: 0.75
CEU Duration: 3 Years

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